Remont – Independent Artistic Association
Maršala Birjuzova 7

Grand painting exhibition with a pile of paintings or How New York returned me to painting
Jelena Mijić
5.11 – 23.11.2018

Jelena Mijić is presented with an exhibition by which she refers to her two months study visit in New York as part of the Mangelos Award for young artists that she received last year. From the series of photos through which she documented everyday impressions of the city, the artist chose one for each day and made digital sketches based on them for oil paintings. Jelena exhibited at the end 33 paintings out of 61 sketches, and the rest she realized in the form of stickers that the audience could buy and for this occasion, completed in specially made album. The return to classical painting as an artist's response to the dominant impression of exhibiting policies in one of the world's largest art centers becomes a gesture of critical thinking about the complexity of relations on which the art production and its social perception are based...

Jelena Mijić graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade with a master degree in painting. She is a member of the photo collective Belgrade Raw and also member and organizer of different projects and initiatives such as: Artist-in-Residence Programme MultiMadeira, Ostavinska galerija, radio show Sceniranje… 

Host: Jelena Mijić

Cultural Centre of Belgrade / Art Gallery
Knez Mihailova 6

Only Men Are Standing in front of You
Jelena Trpković
8. 11 – 6. 12. 2018

The artist Jelena Trpković remains consistent in experimentation with collage technique and within the sphere of the topics from social life focusing primarily on the perception of male-female relationships. By precise shaping and arranging of various materials and by their further construction through painting and drawing interventions artist creates visually striking images. Recognizable by the very thoughtful assembling of different visual references taken from the motif repertoire of beings, objects and spaces, the actual series of works with wondrous situations and encounters of men, women, militaries, animals becomes the starting point for two stories: personal recollections and sentiment to one time, people and cities (the cycle of Nostalgia) and the subtle critical observation of the world of male domination (the cycle Only Men Are Standing in front of You) ...

Jelena Trpković graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and postgraduate studies in Belgrade. She is a full-time professor of drawing at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. Jelena has made 18 solo and has participated in a large number of group exhibitions in the country and abroad. She has won several significant awards, and her works are part of numerous museum and private collections.

Hosts: Jelena Trpković (artist) and Katarina Kostandinovic (curator, CCB)

Goethe-Institut Belgrade
Knez Mihailova 50

Ulrih A. Rajterer 
15.11 - 8.12.2018

Multichannel video installation ‘BGTX’ consists of few short videos filmed on the streets of Belgrade through the stories of taxi drivers. The topic Austrian artist is interested in is a change of the work processes under the new conditions of “sharing economy” and digital technologies. Story is situated in the public space /physical urban surroundings and protagonists are taxi drivers and workers at newsstands. Videos record protests of taxi associations and their blockades of the traffic. Some of the drivers Ulrih is following on their ways home shooting buildings and locations along the way, together with their personal stories and experiences of the city history and architecture. Narrator’s voice, partly generated by the artificial intelligence and algorithms, leads us through the main topic as well as through the cityscape. 

Ulrih A. Rajterer (Graz, 1982) studied Telematics on Graz University of Technology and Architecture on Technical universities in Lisbon and Graz under prof. Hans Kupelwieser. Lives and works in Graz, Vienna, Hamburg. 

Host: Selman Trtovac (curator, Goethe Institute Belgrade)

Project GOOD HABITS is realized by Remont – Independent Artistic Association in cooperation with Goethe Institute Belgrade.

Stroll Through Contemporary Art of Belgrade (Šetnja kroz savremenu umetnost Beograda)

Saturday, 24th November 2018, 11am – 2pm

November stroll through selected exhibitions of contemporary art in Belgrade will be dedicated to our foreign public and friends so this time all the program will be on English.

Project Good Habits is conceived to be open for all contemporary art lovers as well as for everyone who feels a need to improve the quality of their everyday life. For all the people who wants to communicate on direct, creative, and active way with contemporary visual art practices and production.

We cordially invite you to apply for walk until Friday, 23ed of November on email:
Jelena Mijic
Jelena Trpokovic
Urlih A. Rajterer
copyright: Ulrich A. Reiterer
Jelena Trpkovic – Nostalgia, 2018, mixed media