REMONT - Independent Artistic Association was founded in October 1999.

Remont gallery opened in February 2000

founders: Uros Djuric, Aleksandar Zograf, Tanja Ostojic, Milica Tomic, Branko Pavic,
Jovan Cekic, Sasa Markovic - Mikrob, Milica Tomic, Mirjana Djordjevic, Zana Poliakov, Sasa Gajin, group SKART, Boris Mladenovic and Darka Radosavljevic Vasiljevic

Setting new professional standards and popularization of contemporary art in Serbia

-    supporting art production
-    improving communication with foreign countries through networking with similar organizations and partnership projects
-    transfer of know how among other organizations and individuals in region
-    education and animation of young artists, art historians and art managers
-    improvement of organization and realization of quality programs

Darka Radosavljevic Vasiljevic, executive director, project manager,
Saša Janjic, deputy director, gallery curator,
Miroslav Karic, secretary, project manager, 
Marija Radoš, PR, web editor

artists, art critics, writers, film and video authors...

Various collaborators are invited, depending on the needs and particularities of each project.

MAIN activities:
Remont Gallery
Electronic Publishing web sites